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Bach Resources Mod

Becky ▴ She/It ▴ last seen Today at 01:36 pm
Kentucky, US

see all posts see all topics send message joined: 26-August 17 1171 posts [ 4.3 per day ] last post Today at 12:59 pm discord: Bach#5534 Money: $260 birthday: 24 April 1980
graphics Evolving
coding Blooming
writing Promising


graphics writing coding tumblr deviant ouat - rp
I'm Bach, but my actual name is Becky.
I dabble a bit in coding and writing
but mainly graphics.
I use PS CS6.
I am in a ton of fandoms
Top 3 favs being:
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
that doesn't even scratch the surface
Thank you Liv for this amazing sig code