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alyssa ren.

Resources moderator + Coding critique team

Alyssa [ she/her ] Offline joined: 16-August 17 Inspiring last post Today at 12:00 pm last seen Today at 01:49 pm Money: $225 375 posts [ 3.9 per day ] birthday: 19 July 1995
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hi there, i'm alyssa! i've been on shadowplay since february 2014. i've been making graphics for longer than i can imagine and coding since about 2014, as well as writing since about the same time as graphics. i began to mod on shadowplay in november of 2016 as a resoures mod! i’m also a 22 year old film and television undergraduate student from boston. interests include, but are not limited too: star wars, supernatural, marvel, harry potter, game of thrones, bucky barnes, kylo ren. i also really like dogs and penguins. 

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