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Petra [ she/her ] Offline joined: 14-August 17 Legend last post Mar 18 2018, 04:53 AM last seen Today at 12:35 pm Money: $1762 2794 posts [ 12.8 per day ] birthday: 14 July 1998
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petra ❤

19. legend. cs3.

"you're the best partner that I can boast. but when we fight, i will defeat you."

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a med student. major kpop and kdrama fan, a novice in manga and anime. have absolute struggle with muse.

kpop: bts, suju, park bogum, song joongki
anime: haikyuu!!, free!, no.6, skip beat
ships: iwaoi, makoharu, kuroken, daisuga, bokuaka, kagehina, all haikyuu ships basically

xmas wishlist❤
thx to syl, bianca, val, viv, natalie, ano, meggie, celya, taru, mario, ro, mika, mel, ben, ess, flory, meggsy, mari, and morgan for my gorgeous signatures
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