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 Affiliate here!
 Posted: Aug 7 2017, 12:13 PM

they/them ▴ 1008 posts ▴

Admin - Icon by Erina


Affiliate with Shadowplay!

  • If you wish to affiliate with us, please read the following information and requirements and then post below with the code. We accept any general, graphics or roleplaying forums as well as graphic sites and blogs that have similar traffic to our requirements for forums.

general requirements

  • — All our affiliates must have a 88x31 button.
  • — You must put our button up first, before replying to this thread.
  • — Our button must at least be on the main page of your forum, not a link to a separate page where affiliates are displayed. It also must be completely visible (your marquee must be at least 88px wide so the whole button can be seen at some point).
  • — Your site must be active to begin or remain affiliating with us. If your site is deemed as inactive (no posts from your members for ~one month) or is put offline, your button will be removed.
  • — We may deny any site that we feel is inappropriate to be showing to our members, as Shadowplay is PG-13.

Roleplay Forum Requirements

  • Your forum must be at least one (1) month old. If you revamped, it counts from the revamp date, not the date you made the URL. Your forum must have at least fifty (50) accounts registered.

Other Forum (Graphics, General & Misc) Requirements

  • Your forum must have at least a hundred (100) accounts registered.

Non Forum Site (Blogs & Misc) Requirements

  • There must be evidence of substantive traffic to your website, either from a comments box or visitor count. If this is not possible, then you must be updating your blog at least twice a month.

Post below with this code:

[b]Name of Forum:[/b]
[b]URL of Forum:[/b]
[b]Type of Forum:[/b] (fanon rp, original rp, graphic/general, non-forum)
[b]Approximate Age:[/b]
[b]Members (Accounts):[/b]

Our button

user posted image

<a href="https://shadowplayers.jcink.net/"><img src="https://cdnw.nickpic.host/mCcF1G.png" border="0" alt="Shadowplay"></a>

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