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tevje [ he/him ] Offline joined: 26-August 17 Legend last post Yesterday at 02:54 pm last seen Yesterday at 02:56 pm Money: $474 1330 posts [ 6.4 per day ] birthday: 23 November 1997
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hi i'm tevje, 20, living meme from norway. i can't code lol but hi.

anyway here are my faves: vixx, big byung, exo, nct, monsta x, jjcc, nu'est, btob, 24k, sf9, pentagon, shinee, sistar, gu9udan, bulldok, h.u.b, i.o.i.

hakyeon isn't my bias but he's trying to be and it's emotionally tiring.

thank you so much petra, charlotte, viv, ben, & deea ♡
trying to deal with a lot of mental illness rn, thank you for being patient ♡ || ben is better than me

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